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Multicultural and Antiracist Education in the US and the UK

In the first part of this chapter, I begin by discussing three forms of reactionary multicultural education in the US identified by Peter McLaren. I go on to analyse McLaren’s advocacy, in his postmodern phase, of ‘critical resistant multiculturalism’, a form of multiculturalism favoured by Critical Race Theorist Gloria Ladson-Billings. I conclude the section of the chapter on the US by appraising McLaren’s promotion, since he returned to the Marxist problematic, of ‘revolutionary multiculturalism’.

In the second part of the chapter, after arguing that Britain is and always has been a multicultural society, I go on to discuss the differing ideological perspectives of multicultural and antiracist education respectively. In chapter 4, I discussed how antiracism, in particular the temporary state endorsement in the light of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report (Macpherson 1999) of ‘institutional racism’, has been undermined by subsequent ‘official’ denials. In this chapter, I argue that the gains accrued to the antiracist standpoint by the Inquiry are further under threat from New Labour’s promotion of a hard version of ‘community cohesion’.

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