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Someone Has to Do the Drudge Jobs, and How Could that Be Sorted Out in a Socialist World

Technology already has the potential to eliminate most of the most boring and/or unpleasant jobs. Some of those that remain could be done on a voluntary rota basis, so that no one would have to do drudge jobs for longer than a very brief period (utopian socialist Charles Fourier had a similar idea -see Cole 2008a, pp. 17-20). Voluntary work under capitalism in the public sector abounds, and there is every reason to assume that such work would flourish much more under socialism.

Socialism Means a Lower Standard of Life for All

World socialism will only lower the standard of life for the Ruling Classes. There will not, for sure, be the massive disparities of wealth apparent in our present capitalist world. There will, of course, be no billionaires and no need for a monarchy. If the wealth of the world is shared, then there will be a good standard of life for all, since all reasonable needs will be met, including enough food (as noted above by Molyneux (2008, p. 13) enough already exists). To paraphrase Marx 1875, the principle will be from each according to his or her ability, to each according to his or her needs.

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