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Losing the War and Fighting the Settlement: The Post-Ottoman Middle East Takes Shape, 1918-1922

Events in the Former Ottoman Realms, 1918 1923

October 1, 1918 British with Faysal in Damascus

October 26, 1918 Kemal’s withdrawal from Aleppo to regroup just north

of Aleppo at al Raci on the rail line. The line becomes the armistice line and the eventual Turkish Syrian border

October 30, 1918 Armistice of Mudros

December 1918 Armenian Legion lands in Mersin

January 1919 Committees of National Rights

February 1919 British evacuate Cilicia in advance of

French Armenian occupation

March 1919 French forces occupy Ottoman Black Sea coal ports

May 1919 British and French ships land Greek troops at Izmir

September 1919 Sivas Conference

October 1919 General Gouraud lands at Beirut

January 1920 Ramadan Shallash takes Dayr al Zur on Euphrates

Beginning of Iraq Revolt March 1920 Syrian National Congress

April 4 7, 1920 Jerusalem uprising

April 23, 1920 Inaugural Assembly of the Ankara Government

April 25, 1920 San Remo Conference concludes, mandates


May 28, 1920 Kemal defeats French backed Armenians, comes to

terms with French ceasefire agreement May October 1920 Iraq Revolt intensifies and spreads July 1920 Battle of Maysalun and French occupation of


December 1920 Palestinian Congress Haifa

March 1921 Churchill’s Cairo Conference decides to offer Iraq to

Faysal and Transjordan to cAbdallah.

May 1921 Palestine May Day Protests

October 1922 Mudanya ceasefire

November 1922 Sultanate abolished

November 1922 Lausanne Treaty conference commences

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