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Epilogue and Conclusions

Events in the Former Ottoman Realms and the Middle East Mandates, 1937 1939

January 1937 France concedes to Turkish demands in the Sanjaq of


January 1937 Syrian prime minister Jamil Mardam Bey travels to Geneva

and Paris, seeking clarity on the Alexandretta Crisis and ratification of the Franco Syrian Treaty

February 1937 League of Nations Committee of Experts, including Robert de Caix, prepares Sanjaq Report

May 1937 General Amnesty for Great Syrian Revolt veterans

July 1937 Peel Commission Partition Plan published

September Palestine Revolt resumes

1937 1939

July 1938 Sanjaq Alexandretta elections return 60 percent Turkish


September 1938 Munich Agreement allows German annexation of Czechoslovakia borderlands November 1938 Mustafa Kemal dead at 57

May 1939 British House of Commons approve McDonald White

Paper repudiating Balfour Declaration and support for Jewish National Home in Palestine

June 1939 Penultimate Mandates Commission Meeting finds Britain

and France in violation of Mandates Charter June 1939 Turkish Republic annexes Sanjaq Alexandretta with French


September 1939 German invasion of Poland

December 1939 Last Mandates Commission Meeting at Geneva

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