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A Global History of Child Death: Mortality, Burial, and Parental Attitudes

I Mortality and Burial Practices through HistoryA Brief History of Child MortalityInstitutionalized ChildrenAbandonment and IllegitimacyBurial ClubsBreastfeeding and Wet NursesWealth and MortalityConflictParent Education LevelOther Causes of Mortality in EuropeParent Education, Child Rearing, and Other Examples of Actions Taken to Improve MortalityBurial Pits and Ivory Beads. Prehistoric ChildrenThe First ChildrenBurial RitualsBurial PlacesBurials in Homesjar BurialsStatus of Children in BurialsInfanticide among Prehistoric GroupsBurials at Night. Children from Ancient CivilizationsEvidence of Parental ConcernRomansAncient AthensAnglo SaxonsSacrifice and Infanticide in the Ancient WorldChild Sacrifice in Ancient American CivilizationsCollateral of the Plague. Children of the Middle Ages and RenaissanceEffects of the Black DeathAbandonment and Infanticide in Medieval EuropeThe CrusadesMedieval IslamMedieval IrelandThe RenaissanceNoble Children of the RenaissanceAmbivalence, Christianity, Slavery, and the Devil. America and England in the 17th to 20th CenturiesDivine ProvidenceResponsibility for Child MortalityColonial and Victorian Era GriefWomen's WritingsGrieving Victorian MothersTreatment of the StillbornGrave Stones, Epitaphs, and BurialsSlave ChildrenBurial Practices for Slave ChildrenNewsboysFunerals and Mourning Dress in the Nineteenth CenturyCauses of Death in Nineteenth Century EnglandAccusations of InfanticideModern Times. The Psychology of GriefConsolation and GriefChildren's Funerals and Religious BeliefsTreatment of Stillborn InfantsGrieving Nurses Who Care for Dying ChildrenEuthanasiaEuthanasia by the NazisHigh Child Mortality in the Modern World: The Case of the Women of the AltoDay of the Dead in MexicoSandy Hook and School ShootingsModern Conflict and WarIndigenous Peoples of the World. Symbolism in GriefNative North AmericansTribes of AfricaInfanticide among Indigenous GroupsSouth AmericaOceaniaNorth American IndiansTribes of AfricaBurial PlacesII Indicators of Parental Attitudes toward Child DeathIndicators of Parental Concern. Naming and ReplacementNaming in Different Cultures and Time PeriodsColonial Uganda and the Zulu of South AfricaReplacementHIV and Replacement in ZimbabweThe Replacement ChildConsolation Literature. Sympathy Letters, Poetry, and Books on Parental GriefPlutarch's Consolation Letter to His WifeConsolation Manuals for ParentsPoetryMedieval IslamJan of Poland's LamentsLutheran Consolation Poetry in Modern GermanyYiddish Holocaust LullabiesNineteenth Century England and AmericaModern ConsolationVisual Representations of Child Death. Artwork and PhotographsRepresentation of Children in ArtMemorial PhotographyInfanticide and Child Sacrifice. An OverviewCauses and Reasons for InfanticideDisability as a Reason for InfanticideLaw and Punishment for InfanticideA Brief History of Infanticide in Different Cultures and Time PeriodsInfant and Child Sacrifice

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