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Decentralization, Fiscal Effort, and Social Progress in Colombia at the Municipal Level, 1994-2009: Why Does National Politics Matter?

Fabio Sanchez Torres and Monica Pachon

This chapter is a reduced version of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) Working Paper No. IDB-WP-396, available at

The authors would like to thank the Global Development Network and all the participants at the workshops held during the course of this project for their support and comments. They would specially like to thank Ramona Angelescu, Guillermo Perry, Matthias Krause, Jean Paul Faguet, and Ben Ross Schneider for their very useful and insightful commentsthat helped advance the ideas that were put forth. The authors also thank Sandra Margarita Zamora, Susana Rubinstein, and Santiago de la Cadena for their research assistance, and finally they acknowledge the help given by the Social Sciences Faculty at Universidad de los Andes.

F.S. Torres (*)

School of Economics, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia M. Pachon

School of Political Science, Government and International Relations,

Universidad del Rosario, Bogota, Colombia

© The Author(s) 2017 67

G. Perry, R. Angelescu Naqvi, Improving Access and Quality of Public Services in Latin America, Latin American Political Economy,

DOI 10.1057/978-1-137-59344-3_3

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