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Religions and Migrations in the Black Sea Region

Religion and MigrationMigration and ReligionNoteBibliographyHistorical Diasporas, Religion and Identity: Exploring the Case of the Greeks of TsalkaThe Greeks from TsalkaDiaspora and ReligionTransnational Religions and MigrationsNotesBibliographyThe Armenian Community in Thessaloniki: The Dynamics of ReligionThe Formation of the Armenian Community in ThessalonikiThe Organisation of Religious and Communal LifeThe Multiple Diversity of the Armenian Community(a)The ideological-political diversity(b) The linguistic diversity(c)The socio-economic diversityReligion, Diaspora and New MigrationNotesBibliographyReturn Migration in a Romano-Catholic Csangos Village in RomaniaThe Profile of the CommunityBrief History of International Migration in the Commune of ClejaPast and Present DestinationsDeveloping a Culture of MigrationReturn Migration or New Destinations?ConclusionsNotesBibliographyReligious Orientation, Migration and Identity Construction: Evidence from a Contemporary Romanian Rural CommunityMigration in RomaniaMethodological Details and OptionsA Short Description of the CommunityMigration in the Community: Lay AccountsMigration and Migrants in NarrativesConstructing Differences: Religion and MigrationReligion in the ‘Here-There’ System of ReferencesFereydani Georgians: Emic-Coherence, Hegemonic and Non-hegemonic Representation and Narration of Ethnic IdentityFereydani Georgians’ Religion and LanguagePeak Experiences and Emic CoherenceModern Self-Representation of Fereydani Georgian IdentityThe Settlement in FereydanThe Battle Against the AfghansThe Battle of TsikheNon-hegemonic RepresentationsNotesBibliographyReligion and Identification among the 1989 Re-settlers from Bulgaria to TurkeyReligion in the Bulgarian ContextReligion in the Turkish ContextMaking Choices: Religion and GenderConclusionNotesBibliographyAfterwordCosmopolitanism and ReligionReligion as a Tool for Peaceful CoexistenceReligion, Peace and Conflict‘Prehistories of Globalisation’Dies Irae: Religion, Social Engineering and Recent Black Sea HistoryReligions and Migrations RediscoveredConclusionNotesBibliography

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