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In an ever-changing society, where knowledge is expanding at the most rapid pace in history, the amount of accessible content is overwhelming, and thoughts can be transmitted throughout the world virtually instantaneously, we have also become a society with limited vision. If we cannot find it by the use of a search engine, it does not exist. Therefore, past programs, including Best Practices, in environmental health, environmental protection, pollution control, and environmental sustainability, which have been highly successful, if not found on the Internet, may not become the basis for present and future actions. And if on the Internet, trying to sort out these programs from the voluminous material available is very difficult and very time-consuming. In addition, there is considerable information on the Internet which is either biased or totally inaccurate and yet references to the information appear on our Internet searches. This is also a major reason for writing a book of this nature which now presents to the various environmental professionals a single-source book for all areas of the environment and helps explain the complexity of the field as well as the inter-relationships of all environmental media.

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