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Many people are inefficient because they spend time and money developing new procedures and programs to solve existing problems, and what they think are new problems which may have already been solved in a given community and/or in other places in past times. Also, we are inundated by information from the numerous environmental health and protection programs at the local, state, federal, and international level, by the myriad of industry groups working on specific environmental pollutants, by the large number of professional associations and civic organizations, and by the substantial amount of research completed because of the enormous interest that people have in protecting their environment and their health.

Local and state communities, regional areas, and nations have been and will continue to face budget restrictions. This book, which is a single-source reference, is an extremely useful tool for planning how best to use resources to create procedures and programs to prevent disease and injury and promote good health, while protecting the environment.

This book is a reference and textbook for students, professors, governmental agencies, industries, and existing professionals who are specialists in a given field seeking to increase their overall knowledge and improve their existing skills. It provides the best opportunity to understand how to establish and manage successful programs using Best Practices in the quickest time frame and achieve the best results at the lowest cost.

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