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General Best Practices for All Sources of Air Pollution

There are several general Best Practices which can be applied to all sources of air pollution, whether they are criteria pollutants, major point sources of criteria pollutants and/or toxic air pollutants, area sources, mobile sources, or greenhouse gas sources. They are:

  • • Conduct an in-depth survey of the industrial facility to determine where the pollutants are being released into the air, the quantity, and at what special times.
  • • Establish and use an appropriate operating and maintenance practices schedule for all sampling equipment, operating equipment, storage vessels, control devices, and general housekeeping.
  • • Especially thoroughly clean all heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems on rooftops and replace necessary filters if they are there to prevent the growth and spread of Legionella organisms. This organism, which causes Legionnaires disease, although usually associated with indoor air and water mists, can be transmitted through dirty biomats used in the equipment.
  • • Check for leaks using proper leak detectors especially around valves, gaskets, seals, vents, ductwork, condensing coils, strainers, lint bags, exhaust dampers, pipe fittings, and sampling points.
  • • Replace filters and carbon absorbent material regularly.
  • • Train all employees to carry out their jobs in an appropriate manner and use continuing education to upgrade their skills on a periodic basis, then test their proficiency.
  • • Substitute less hazardous chemicals for more hazardous chemicals when appropriate.
  • • Recycle and reuse substances where possible.
  • • Clean up all spills thoroughly and as rapidly as possible.
  • • Keep written records of all maintenance of equipment and facilities, and record all unusual events and what was done to correct them.
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