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Glycol Dehydration Unit

The glycol dehydration unit which is used to remove water and hazardous air pollutants from the natural gas and oil is the primary source of emissions of air contaminants. Pneumatic devices used in the natural gas industry as liquid level controllers, pressure regulators, and valve controllers are also prime sources of methane escape from the systems. Part of the normal operation of pneumatic devices causes a release or bleeding of natural gas to the atmosphere. Storage tanks have potential for equipment leaks and flash emissions.

Natural Gas Flaring

Natural gas flaring is a controlled burn of natural gas used in oil/gas exploration, production and processing to: burn off gases during the testing process used to determine the pressure, flow, and composition of gas or oil; burn off gases during emergency situation when there is too much pressure in the pipes; burn off gases released during maintenance and equipment repairs; release small volumes of waste gases which cannot be captured efficiently; and burn off gases which accompany oil. Flaring may produce substantial heat and noise. (See endnote 67.)

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