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The Aerospace Manufacturing and Rework Industry

The industry produces or repairs aerospace vehicles and vehicle parts from airplanes, helicopters, space vehicles, and missiles. They produce toxic air pollutants such as methylene chloride and chromium which are released during paint stripping, cleaning, priming, grinding, and application.

Best Practices for the Aerospace Manufacturing and the Rework Industry

  • • Modify the facilities to recover copper sulfate from the etching and stripping process; recover metal from sludge production; substitute drip pans in place of rinse sinks.
  • • Improve management of material tracking, inventory, material usage, handling, and storage.
  • • Recover solvents during all processes.
  • • Use low VOC coatings and paints.
  • • Use water-based primers where possible.
  • • Use low residue mechanical methods for paint stripping.
  • • Where appropriate, use mechanical or dry means of cleaning instead of solvents.
  • • Substitute less hazardous chemicals for more hazardous chemicals.
  • • Use low-pressure spray guns to apply resins or paints.
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