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Best Practices for Carpets

  • • Unroll and air out carpet in a well-ventilated area before installing it in the facility.
  • • If adhesives are necessary, use those which emit the least amount of volatile material.
  • • Schedule installation of new carpeting when the individuals are off the premises and ventilate the area thoroughly before using the facility.
  • • Thoroughly ventilate the area after carpets are cleaned.
  • 5. Environmental Tobacco Smoke, or secondhand smoke, a known carcinogen, is a combination of the smoke given off from the end of the burning cigarette, pipe, or cigar and the smoke which is exhaled by smokers. Secondhand smoke contains more than 4000 different substances, including at least 50 which can cause cancer. High doses of secondhand smoke exposure can increase the risk in children of asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, eye, nose, and throat irritation, lower respiratory tract infections, and middle ear infections. It is estimated that 11% of all children aged 6 years and under are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke on a regular basis of at least 4 or more days per week. Non-smoking adults can also be affected by the secondhand smoke which may result in an increase in disease, such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular system diseases, cancer, and death.
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