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Poisoning is of considerable concern especially for young children and the elderly and disabled. Children commonly ingest a multitude of substances including cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning products, pain relievers, prescription medicines, etc. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs from poorly vented furnaces and fireplaces, appliances, gas generators, portable stoves, etc. Lead poisoning is an ever-present concern in older housing. Among the elderly, poisoning occurs because of poor vision, confusion and overuse of prescription medicines. (See Chapter 4, “Children’s Environmental Health Issues,” and Chapter 6, “Environmental and Occupational Injury Control” for further information and Best Practices.)

Solid Waste Disposal

(See Chapter 12, “Solid Waste, Hazardous Materials, and Hazardous Waste Management” for information and Best Practices for solid waste disposal in residential areas.)

Swimming Areas (Residential)

(See Chapter 10, “Recreational Environment and Swimming Areas” for information and Best Practices for residential swimming areas.)

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