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(See endnotes 20, 29, 33)

Dublin, Ohio, and the Bridge Street Corridor

Dublin, a suburb of Columbus, converted a 1000-acre area which was in the core of its community along Bridge Street from a low-density automobile-dependent one to a high density, mixed-use pedestrian friendly one with seven districts including new office buildings, retail centers, entertainment centers, and residential structures, which is easily accessible by major highways. Detailed transportation studies were made and appropriate new inexpensive transportation was added to the area. This new development provides places for younger workers to live and work and a place to live for those who want to retire to an active lifestyle in an urban area without having to move back into the core city. There is ample room for planned growth as more people decide to enjoy this lifestyle. As part of future planning, the city envisions constructing a pedestrian bridge across the Scioto River to connect to a park. Public and private financing has been used to establish this project.

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