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Baltimore, Maryland, Housing Authority

The Baltimore Maryland Housing Authority was established in 1937 when the federal government gave the states and localities the funds to fight urban slums. Baltimore was one of many cities that developed public housing programs and replaced slum tenements with clean, safe, and affordable housing for poor and working families. It ensures that all citizens in Baltimore have a decent place to live in a decent neighborhood. It has been extremely successful and is currently operating at a high level of performance. It serves over 20,000 people in some 10,000 housing units which are maintained properly for people who would otherwise be living in conditions that can be part of the underlying problems that lead to acute and chronic disease and injury. The Housing Authority also provides assistance to a variety of people regarding: valuing vacant lots and properties; code enforcement; community services; fair housing; green, healthy, and sustainable homes; land resources; resident services; housing voucher programs; permits; and plans and reports. (See endnote 44.)

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