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The current economic situation severely affects the lives of millions of Americans, including a large number of children. Those most affected are minority groups including African-Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians. Poverty has a dramatic effect on the academic outcomes of children, especially during the early years. Schools which the children attend typically are underfunded and out of date. The neighborhoods tend to be unsafe and areas where crime is more prevalent. Children suffer from both physical and emotional health problems. Accidents and related injuries are common.

Poor Medical Care

The high cost of health care has a very negative effect on a population of young children. The parents are unable to provide medical care or prescription medicines for themselves or their children. Many parents have a choice of providing food and housing for their children, or proper medical care, and food and housing has to take priority. Approximately 90% of these children are in households where there is some insurance, but still the amount is inadequate. Where a child under 3 does not receive adequate health care, the child is more likely to be hospitalized. The child is then potentially at risk for developmental delays, fair or poor health, and hunger. The mother is more likely to be depressed and to be in fair or poor health herself.

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