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EPA's Healthy School Environment Resources

The EPA’s Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools is a one-stop location for information and links to school environmental health issues divided into 14 major categories including:

  • 1. Chemical use and management
  • 2. Design, construction, and renovation of physical facilities
  • 3. Energy efficiency
  • 4. Environmental education
  • 5. Facility operations and maintenance
  • 6. Indoor environmental quality
  • 7. Legislation and regulation
  • 8. Outdoor air pollution
  • 9. Portable classrooms
  • 10. Safety/preparedness
  • 11. School facility assessment tools
  • 12. Waste
  • 13. Waste reduction
  • 14. Water

A total of 77 topics are covered. Each one can be accessed simply by the click of a mouse. In addition, there is immediate access through a click of the mouse to 11 EPA programs for schools, 10 related EPA programs, and 10 resources outside of the EPA.

National Library of Medicine Environmental Health and Toxicology

The National Library of Medicine Environmental Health and Technology resources include comprehensive environmental health and toxicology website access to databases, bibliographies, tutorials, and other scientific and consumer-oriented resources. TOXNET is a toxicology data network. Tox Town is a consumer website which provides an introduction to toxic chemicals and environmental health risks in the home and community.

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