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Household Items and Clothing Potentially Contaminated with Flood Waters

(See endnote 57)

Since household items and clothing may be contaminated with sewage, chemicals, and biological

agents including mold spores, they may potentially cause disease or an allergic reaction.

Best Practices for Household Items and Clothing Potentially Contaminated with Flood Waters

• Keep children and pets out of the affected areas until all cleaning, disposal of contaminated items, and repair has been completed.

  • • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment while completing the above tasks in the cleanup.
  • • Discard all personal service items, furniture, stuffed animals, paper goods, carpeting and padding, etc. in a safe and appropriate manner.
  • • Wash all non-porous items that can be salvaged in hot soapy water by hand, rinse thoroughly, and then place in a disinfectant and air dry.
  • • Wash all clothing and other washable materials in hot water and detergent and repeat a second time before drying.
  • • Thoroughly clean and wash hands and arms followed by rinsing with cooled boiled water and then take a bath before putting on clean clothing after completing the household cleaning and disposal of materials.
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