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Radiological Emergency Response-Related Links

The US Environmental Protection Agency has developed a document entitled “Radiological Emergency Response Related Links” which provides information on how to get assistance for radiation protection in emergencies from a variety of federal and state organizations. (See endnote 85.)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Health Alert Network (HAN)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides to the public an information-sharing system concerning all forms of emergency public health concerns and information. This system, which is called HAN, provides constant updates, health alerts on time-sensitive information, and health advisories on specific incidents or problems. It tracks diseases in all parts of the world and potential exposure for other people. It provides information to the healthcare providers on the severity of the disease, the symptoms to look for, how best if necessary to establish isolation procedures, and how to treat the individuals. It emphasizes that a health alert is the highest level of importance and should be given immediate attention.

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