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The FDA Food Code

This is a model code that can be adopted by states, counties, Native American tribes, and other governmental agencies to help: reduce the risk of foodborne disease; provide uniform standards for retail food establishments; remove redundant materials and inspection and survey sheets; and establish a standardized approach to inspections and special surveys of all food- type establishments. It covers many topics: improper holding temperatures, inadequate cooking, refrigeration, and storage temperatures; contaminated equipment and how to decontaminate it; food from unsafe sources; poor personal hygiene; facilities that can contribute to outbreaks of disease; etc.

It is essential that all providers responsible for the control of potential foodborne disease in the more than 3000 state, local, and tribal agencies supervising over 1 million establishments have the competencies to carry out their assigned roles and understand the Best Practices involved in protecting the health and safety of the consumer. Understanding and use of the model FDA Food Code is a starting point for all agencies with primary responsibility to regulate retail food and food service establishments.

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