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Model Aquatic Health Code

The Model Aquatic Health Code was developed by a series of technical committees who worked on 14 different modules to present a document which could be used by local and state health authorities as well as industry to understand and utilize the most up-to-date information and technology to improve the use of pools and spas while preventing disease and injury from occurring. Recognizing the serious problems of injuries, deaths, and spread of various illnesses, and since in the United States there is no federal agency responsible for swimming pools and spas, the CDC worked with the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code, a non-profit organization created in 2013 to support and improve public health by providing a healthy and safe water environment. The Model Aquatic Health Code is a voluntary guidance document and program which is constantly being updated to utilize the best science available as well as Best Practices. This guide covers: facility design standards and construction; facility operation and maintenance; and policies and management.

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