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Evaluations of all parts of the preceding program should be conducted when specific emergency situations occur and also on a regular planned schedule, and necessary changes should be made immediately as needed to avoid hazardous situations for employees and damage to the environment. An in-depth study should be made of the entire program at least once a year by outside professionals. Results of the study and recommendations for improved operations and the necessary budget should be presented in writing to the chief executive officer and the board of trustees of the company for appropriate action

Integrated Solid Waste Management

Integrated solid waste management is a comprehensive program of waste prevention, recycling, composting, and disposal through the use of incinerators and finally landfills. The program consists of a thorough survey and study of the existing solid waste problems, solid waste programs, and disposal facilities. It incorporates all of the elements of source reduction or waste prevention, collection, transportation and storage of the waste, recycling and composting, and disposal by combustion and use of a landfill. After the completion of the appropriate surveys and studies and the nature of the waste stream is known, a plan is developed for a given area and the planners take into consideration the type of community; the social problems that might exist or be created; the financial cost of the proposal; the economic loss or gain due to implementation of the proposal; the technical problems which need to be resolved in the collection process, transportation process, and storage process; the ultimate environmental degradation which may occur as a result of the solid waste disposal; the potential for causing disease and injury in the citizenry and the workers; and the development and adherence to all federal state and local statutes.

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