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US Program on Recycling of Tires

Used tires in the past were stockpiled, dumped illegally, or taken to landfills. In 1994, it was estimated that in the United States there were 700-800 million scrap tires. By 2003, because of aggressive clean-up and disposal efforts, there were an estimated 275 million tires in stockpiles. The markets for scrap tires were absorbing 233 million, with 130 million used as fuel, 56 million recycled in civil engineering projects, 18 million converted into ground-up rubber for recycling, 12 million converted into ground-up rubber for modified asphalt, 9 million exported, etc. Some 16.5 million were re-treaded in foreign countries and reused there. US EPA Region 5 and the Illinois EPA have developed a Scrap Tire Cleanup Guidebook for use by communities. This recycling of tires is a prime example of how communities can work together with governmental guidance to recycle various types of materials and keep them out of landfills and incinerators. This saves money, raw materials, and energy and helps reduce mosquito problems and aesthetic problems.

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