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Governmental Agencies

Government agencies add to the contamination through the use of substances to de-ice roads, through minor road repairs, through major road work, through maintenance activities on automobiles and trucks, through landscaping, and through maintenance of parks and buildings.

Best Practices for Governmental Agencies

Pollution prevention of stormwater from municipal activities by use of proper street sweeping and storm drain system cleaning reduces the potential for ground and surface water contamination. Specific training, inspection, and maintenance procedures help municipal workers carry out this function. The entire stormwater discharge system from municipal areas needs to be evaluated to determine if pipes from sources of contamination are feeding into the stormwater discharge system. Typically, the water flow through the system is not treated before it is allowed to go into a body of water. Special inspection and survey programs are established to prevent illicit discharges from homes, businesses, and factories into storm sewer systems. The programs also provide techniques for handling spills of chemicals and other substances that might flow into the stormwater system.

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