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Reportorial Conduct

The comparison suggests that norms of newsgathering are also very similar in both occupational cultures: diligence (opposed to laziness), skepticism and resisting the pull of the journalistic mainstream, which is particularly strong in a close-knit press corps. Aggressiveness/toughness as a reporto- rial norm was more strongly pronounced in the US case.


Reporters mentioned making short cuts or cutting corners as bad journalism, which meant either not putting in the required effort to report a story appropriately or purposefully not looking into conflicting evidence and opposing statements. One LCA reporter said he knew bad journalism when he saw it, exemplified by a news story that appeared on the day we did the interview. The article used an anonymous source from Governor Cuomo’s office, painted three lawmakers in a negative light but did not seek comments from any of them. He concluded the story was “either biased or lazy,” criticizing the (lack of) reporting it was based on (Interview, LCA reporter, January 21, 2011).

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