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In conclusion, we have been introduced to Sekem as a holistic development initiative based on the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture. Islam is one main indigenous pillar of the cultural context of Sekem and its spiritual source of inspiration. The other exogenous pillar is European culture and philosophy. Both together have been authentically integrated in the personality of one of us (Ibrahim Abouleish) and of Sekem in general.

Islam offers a story of the origin of the universe and human beings. Humans are trustees (khalifa) to ensure all resources are used in a sustainable manner. Reading the Qur'an informs the mind and soul that our natural and social capital are interconnected and interdependent. Sekem builds on that insight and provides a practical example of Islamic values in agriculture but also in building communities, developing humans and conducting economic value creation, an all-round integral polity so to speak.

Finally, Heliopolis University is an important element in releasing the inherent GENE rhythm of Sekem itself and a major step in the trans-personal journey of Ibrahim

Abouleish. The university will be a platform for societal change for Egypt that can up-scale the valuable experiences made by it and support other people concerned with a healthier more humane future on earth. Consequently, through becoming an Integral University Heliopolis University will be a nucleus for integral polity in society.

In fact, what distinguishes our integral polity from politics, and indeed economics, in general, is not only the fact that it traverses nature and culture, as well as society and economy, but also that it is always specific to one society or another, invariably in relation to others. Instead of domination, or isolation, then, we invariably seek after both differentiation and integration, uniqueness and unity, and thereby integral sustainable development, at core.

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