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Waste management plans and waste prevention programmes

Each Member State must establish one or more waste management plans which, alone or in combination, cover the entire Member State concerned. These plans shall set out an analysis of the current waste management situation, as well as the measures to be taken to improve environmentally sound preparing for re-use, recycling, recovery, and disposal of waste. Member States must also establish waste prevention programmes setting out waste prevention objectives and measures which aim to break the link between economic growth and the environmental impacts associated with the generation of waste. The waste management plans and waste prevention programmes are to be evaluated at least every sixth year and revised as appropriate. Relevant stakeholders and authorities as well as the general public must have the opportunity to participate in the elaboration of these plans and programmes. (Arts 28—31.)

Directive 2008/98/EC also contains provisions on periodic inspections and the keeping of chronological records by establishments or undertakings that carry out waste treatment (Arts 34 and 35). Member States shall furthermore take the necessary measures to prohibit the abandonment, dumping, or uncontrolled management of waste (Art 36).

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