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Broca’s Region

Areas 44 and 45 are collectively referred to as Broca’s region , which has long been implicated in the production and recognition of speech. We note that both the parcellation and myelin map exhibit a distinct region that is consistent with the location of area 44. This area emerged as a coherent patch despite it not having a consistent relation to macroscopic landmarks in the majority of subjects [6].

In addition, anterior to area 44, we note the presence of a spatially coherent purple/blue cluster, provisionally labelled area 45. It seems that area 45 has no counterpart in the myelin map, supporting the notion that diffusion based cortical imaging may be able to provide additional information to myelin mapping, particularly in areas of lower myelination such as the premotor and prefrontal cortex. This notion is further supported in Fig. 3 where it is clear that the distribution of myelin values between area 45 and the adjacent ROI are very similar. In contrast, these two regions could be differentiated in the diffusion based feature set. The frontal lobe of the diffusion-based parcellation appears more like a patchwork of distinct clusters, whereas the myelin map in this region appears more homogenous.

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