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Biotechnology Innovation

Case Aims: To illustrate the problems that can arise during entrepreneurial biotechnology projects

Marine organisms, such as microalgae and invertebrates, have been acclaimed by marine biotechnologists as being a largely untapped reservoir of novel and biologically active compounds (Luiten et al. 2003). For example, polyunsaturated fatty acids and novel lipids can be produced by marine organisms which offer the potential for use as nutraceuticals. However despite this potential, before 2002 not a single marine natural product compound had been approved as a medicinal drug and only two chemical analogues of compounds that were derived from a certain sponge have been approved as antiviral and anti-cancer drugs (Mendola 2003).

Nevertheless there have been some successes in the development and launch of marine product nutraceuticals in the food industry. Sankaran and Mouly (2007) examined the following two case studies concerning the development of nutraceuticals within the biotechnology industry:

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