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PrefaceDelayed Interpretation, Shallow Processing and Constructions: the Basis of the “Interpret Whenever Possible" PrincipleIntroductionDelayed processingWorking memoryHow to recognize chunks: the segmentation operationsThe delaying architectureSegment-and-storeAggregating by cohesionConclusionBibliographyCan the Human Association Norm Evaluate Machine-Made Association Lists?IntroductionHuman semantic associationsWord association testThe author’s experimentHuman association topologyHuman associations are comparableAlgorithm efficiency comparisonThe corporaLSA-sourced association listsLDA-sourced listsAssociation ratio-based listsList comparisonConclusionBibliographyHow a Word of a Text Selects the Related Words in a Human Association NetworkIntroductionThe networkThe network extraction driven by a text-based stimulusSub-graph extraction algorithmThe control procedureThe shortest path extractionA corpus-based sub-graphTests of the network extracting procedureThe corpus to perform testsEvaluation of the extracted sub-graphSemantic consistency of the sub-graphMatching the sub-graph and a text collectionDirected and undirected sub-graph extraction: the comparisonResults per stimulusA brief discussion of the results and the related workBibliographyThe Reverse Association TaskIntroductionComputing forward associationsProcedureResults and evaluationComputing reverse associationsProblemProcedureResults and evaluationHuman performanceDatasetTest procedureEvaluationPerformance by machineDiscussion, conclusions and outlookReverse associations by a humanReverse associations by a machineAcknowledgmentsBibliographyHidden Structure and Function in the LexiconIntroductionMethodsDictionary graphsPsycholinguistic variablesData analysisPsycholinguistic properties of Kernel, Satellites, Core, MinSets and the rest of each dictionaryDiscussionLimitationsFuture workBibliographyTransductive Learning Games for Word Sense DisambiguationIntroductionGraph-based word sense disambiguationOur approach to semi-supervised learningGraph-based semi-supervised learningGame theory and game dynamicsWord sense disambiguation gamesGraph constructionStrategy spaceThe payoff matrixSystem dynamicsEvaluationExperimental settingEvaluation resultsComparison with state-of-the-art algorithmsConclusionBibliographyUse Your Mind and Learn to Write: The Problem of Producing Coherent TextThe problemSuboptimal texts and some of the reasonsLack of coherence or cohesionFaulty referenceUnmotivated topic shiftHow to deal with the complexity of the task?Related workAssumptions concerning the building of a tool assisting the writing processMethodologyIdentification of the syntactic structureIdentification of the semantic seed wordsWord alignmentDetermination of the similarity values of the aligned wordsDetermination of the similarity between sentencesSentence clustering based on their similarity valuesExperiment and evaluationOutlook and conclusionBibliographyStylistic Features Based on Sequential Rule Mining for Authorship AttributionIntroduction and motivationThe authorship attribution processStylistic features for authorship attributionSequential data mining for stylistic analysisExperimental setupDatasetClassification schemeResults and discussionConclusionBibliographyA Parallel, Cognition-oriented Fundamental Frequency Estimation AlgorithmIntroductionSegmentation of the speech signalSpeech and pause segmentsVoiced and unvoiced regionsStable and unstable intervalsF0 estimation for stable intervalsF0 propagationControl flowPeak propagationUnstable voiced regionsParallelizationExperiments and resultsConclusionsAcknowledgmentsBibliographyBenchmarking n-grams, Topic Models and Recurrent Neural Networks by Cloze Completions, EEGs and Eye MovementsIntroductionRelated workMethodologyHuman performance measuresThree flavors of language modelsExperiment setupResultsPredictability resultsN400 amplitude resultsSingle-fixation duration (SFD) resultsDiscussion and conclusionAcknowledgmentsBibliography

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