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Step Seven: Matchmaking

The internship coordinator, with input as needed from the FCS faculty members, reviews the ranking forms from both the students and the agencies to discern a best fit for the students and the agencies. Typically, most students are placed with either their first or second agency choices.

Step Eight: ECU-LINCS Announcement Gathering

The internship coordinator places the new internship assignments in a letter for each student. This letter designates their upcoming internship site and urges the student to contact the agency immediately. These envelopes are typically handed out at a special gathering. We have tried to make this event a celebration, as the students are anxious and excited to find out where they will be interning. Within our department, we have labeled our gathering as the “LINCS ANNOUNCEMENT PARTY” and have often served refreshments.

Step Nine: Assignment Acceptance

Students contact the agency director within 2-3 days of receiving their internship assignment letter. If the student has any concerns about their assignment, they are encouraged to contact the internship coordinator immediately before accepting the placement. It is important for students to respond in a timely manner because the agency directors are eagerly awaiting their response.

Step Ten: Begin Internship

After going through the LINCS Match Process, students will be ready to begin their internship on the first week of classes the following semester. If required by their university, students generally pay their liability internship insurance before starting at their agency. On the first day, interns are instructed to arrive a few minutes early. Interns are also encouraged to have a positive outlook as they embark on their experience, and to remember that their internship will provide them with valuable learning opportunities towards their future career goals. Finally, interns are reminded to act professionally at their agency as they are representing ECU and the Family and Community Services program.

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