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Elements of High-Impact Practices

Students Spend Considerable Amounts of Time on Meaningful Tasks

In addition to the CRIT discussions described earlier, students become very engaged and creative as they begin to see how individual in-class application activities related to the course readings help them build sections of their semester-long program development project. In particular, students put significant time and effort into the preparation of their instructional plans. This attention to detail is evident as they take steps to ensure that the activities do not simply meet learning goals. They work hard to develop activities that also meet the broader needs of the intended audience (e.g. developmental needs, literacy levels, comfort level with technology or language interpretation). Students know that they will be using these instructional plans to develop activities for members of the community and this provides added impetus to devote the time and effort needed. They want to be well prepared and well received when they venture out of the classroom and into the community to put these plans into practice.

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