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World Wide Web Resources

Center for Social Development ( This center at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work takes a global approach to working from an asset-building approach as opposed to a deficit model.

Millennium Campaign (http://www.endpoverty2015. org/): Coordinated by the UNDP. This site “informs, inspires and encourages people’s involvement and action for the realization of the Millennium Development Goals. An initiative of the United Nations, the Campaign supports citizens’ efforts to hold their government to account for the Millennium promise.” ( The American branch of the project to make global poverty and AIDS history.

Social Watch Indicator Map ( Provides information by country on progress toward the Millennium Development Goals.

United Nations Development Programme ( mdg): Provides background information as well as current information on the Millennium Goals.

United Nations Millennium Development Indicators ( unsd/mi/mi_worldmillennium_new.asp): Provides information by region and by country on progress toward each of the goals.

United Nations Millennium Project (www.unmillenniumproject. org): The Millennium Project’s goal is to develop a concrete plan to realize the Millennium Goals. This site offers information about the goals and plans to achieve them.

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