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A short course of lectures
«The complete book of option spreads and combinations»

Sensitivity to the Price of the Underlying StockWider CollarsCovered CallsThe Spreads and CombinationsSelling Covered StranglesOption Price SensitivitiesBuying and Selling Butterflies — The TerminologyThe Super CalendarStranglesMoneynessPut ButterfliesABOUT THE WEBSITELikelihoodsSelling a CondorNamingBox SpreadFOREWORDRisk ReversalButterflies Prior to ExpirationNot Just More or Less but DifferentPut Spread CollarDividendsSelling StranglesGutsThe Necessary Price ActionSensitivity to the Passage of TimeLikelihoodsBuying and Selling Vertical SpreadsVertical Spread Value Prior to ExpirationAn Option Corresponds to 100 Shares of StockIn-the-Money Vertical SpreadsHow a Collar Is Similar to Other Spreads and CombinationsMarket OutlookOther SensitivitiesThe “Flavors”: Calls and PutsHaving Your Shares Called AwayChanges in VolatilityStupidHow Skew Helps a Risk ReversalThe Other GreeksIn-the-Money Covered PutsIron ButterflyStock Covered Vertical Call SpreadDirectionalityIn-the-Money CollarsThe Option PriceChristmas TreeUsing Covered Calls to “Create” DividendsThe Best Measure of Vertical Spread CostRatio Spreads and Back SpreadsOut-of-the-Money Covered PutsCall Spread Risk ReversalWhat We Mean by Spread and CombinationAsymmetry of Risk and Reward for Vertical SpreadsSuper Back SpreadsBullish and Bearish Vertical SpreadsCall Calendar SpreadsDefining an OptionA Final ThoughtOption ErosionVertical Spread Maximum and Minimum ValuesPREFACEVertical SpreadsCovered Calls and Downside Protection — Not As Much As We'd LikeThe Expiration DateOption Delta and LikelihoodSelling Calendar SpreadsThe Regret PointJelly RollDirectional CondorsAt-the-Money or Nearly At-the-MoneyCovered Put versus Covered CallPotential OutcomesMarried PutDon't Fear AssignmentVertical Spreads and Your Market OutlookCovered PutsPin RiskReversalStraddlesSelling the February 116 Strike Covered Put at 3.60Selling a Call Vertical SpreadCall Ratio SpreadsCall Ratio Spreads for Stock RepairCalendar SpreadsBroken ButterfliesOther Spreads and CombinationsOther Potential Spreads and CombinationsCollarsABOUT THE AUTHORButterflies and Your Market ExpectationsSkewIron CondorButterfliesCall Spread CollarProfitabilityA Zero-Cost CollarThe Short StraddleVertical Spreads, Butterflies, and Ratio SpreadsThe Strike PriceMoneyness and Vertical SpreadsThe Bid/Ask Spread and Condor SpreadsVolatility and the Volatility Implied by the Option PriceCatalystsBreakeven PointsCondors and Iron CondorsBuying GLD at 116.00 and Selling the February 116 Strike Call at 3.60Conversion / ReversalJust a Little MathSelling Covered StraddlesBack SpreadsDiagonal Spread
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