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A short course of lectures
«The complete book of option spreads and combinations»

Out-of-the-Money Covered PutsDefining an OptionConversion / ReversalDividendsMarried PutCall Spread CollarIron CondorStupidThe Necessary Price ActionSelling Covered StraddlesJust a Little MathVertical Spread Value Prior to ExpirationWider CollarsAn Option Corresponds to 100 Shares of StockThe Bid/Ask Spread and Condor SpreadsSelling Calendar SpreadsCovered Put versus Covered CallCollarsA Final ThoughtIn-the-Money CollarsLikelihoodsPut ButterfliesVertical Spreads, Butterflies, and Ratio SpreadsPin RiskCovered Calls and Downside Protection — Not As Much As We'd LikeThe “Flavors”: Calls and PutsThe Spreads and CombinationsSuper Back SpreadsSelling Covered StranglesCall Ratio Spreads for Stock RepairA Zero-Cost CollarCall Calendar SpreadsStraddlesGutsCovered CallsBack SpreadsSelling a Call Vertical SpreadDirectional CondorsStranglesHow a Collar Is Similar to Other Spreads and CombinationsButterflies Prior to ExpirationOther SensitivitiesPotential OutcomesABOUT THE AUTHORUsing Covered Calls to “Create” DividendsSensitivity to the Price of the Underlying StockSelling the February 116 Strike Covered Put at 3.60In-the-Money Covered PutsOther Potential Spreads and CombinationsBullish and Bearish Vertical SpreadsThe Super CalendarThe Regret PointButterfliesCondors and Iron CondorsCalendar SpreadsLikelihoodsMoneynessIn-the-Money Vertical SpreadsHaving Your Shares Called AwaySelling a CondorOption Price SensitivitiesDon't Fear AssignmentReversalCall Ratio SpreadsCatalystsFOREWORDProfitabilitySensitivity to the Passage of TimeRatio Spreads and Back SpreadsDiagonal SpreadDirectionalityAsymmetry of Risk and Reward for Vertical SpreadsStock Covered Vertical Call SpreadBuying and Selling Vertical SpreadsThe Best Measure of Vertical Spread CostJelly RollNamingThe Other GreeksBuying and Selling Butterflies — The TerminologyOption ErosionChanges in VolatilityVertical Spread Maximum and Minimum ValuesRisk ReversalCovered PutsVertical Spreads and Your Market OutlookBreakeven PointsThe Strike PriceThe Expiration DateABOUT THE WEBSITEPREFACEMoneyness and Vertical SpreadsBuying GLD at 116.00 and Selling the February 116 Strike Call at 3.60Put Spread CollarChristmas TreeWhat We Mean by Spread and CombinationThe Short StraddleButterflies and Your Market ExpectationsVolatility and the Volatility Implied by the Option PriceMarket OutlookSkewBroken ButterfliesAt-the-Money or Nearly At-the-MoneyOther Spreads and CombinationsHow Skew Helps a Risk ReversalIron ButterflyNot Just More or Less but DifferentSelling StranglesThe Option PriceVertical SpreadsBox SpreadOption Delta and LikelihoodCall Spread Risk Reversal
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