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Failure to exploit resources

Technology can advance via a few key ideas and commercial exploitation, but society in general is far more complex, and progress requires input and benefit to the entire nation. In dictatorships—militarily or religiously governed countries—there are major weaknesses that large sections of the population neither benefit from, nor are able to contribute to, the overall social wealth of the nation. Politically, this is unfortunate, and an inept use of the latent resources of the country. For these extreme examples, their failings are obvious. Nevertheless, even in a country such as the UK, there are a wide range of factors that suggest we are equally guilty in many ways.

The UK is potentially socially rich in having a very diverse multicultural mix that should offer alternative views and contributions to the country, but for various reasons these features either are not exploited, or are counterproductive. Divisions come via class, religion, culture, and race, etc. plus the very obvious difference that the two sexes are not treated equally.

Similar difficulties occur in communication between different religious and ethnic groups and, as always, inability to fully communicate is likely to result in dislike or resentment. Such problems are potentially acute in major cities; an extreme example is London, in which administration and representation involves people using around 300 different languages. Attempting to operate under these conditions with such a diverse population is challenging.

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