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The educational disaster of war

Whilst failure to benefit from the skills and intelligence of women is frequently a problem arising from religion, it is also made worse by having a male population that is poorly educated. Invariably this means knowledge is replaced by testosterone, with consequent aggression to all and sundry. Historically, there are many examples of knowledge being deliberately suppressed to amplify these traits and increase the military activities. It is not contentious to cite the early European barbarians, or the invaders who rampaged across Asia, or the murderous actions of Crusaders and colonialists.

However, we seem to lack the courage to criticize the same brutalizing attitudes among our front-line troops, or their use of torture, although these acts are still being encouraged in many modern armies of nominally civilized societies. I believe we should oppose such training, not only on moral grounds, but also because the return of military people to normal society is difficult for everyone. There is a difficult challenge in finding a correct balance between military strength and commitment and the destruction of human values.

In the current world, there are a range of nations that have been trapped in civil wars and revolutions (both political and religious) for several decades. Globally as well as locally this is totally disastrous. It means there are entire generations that have had minimal schooling, no social stability, and exposure and desensitization to a culture of killing and torture. The TV images of 10-year-old children, armed with weapons, indoctrinated to kill, is appalling. No matter how soon such wars can be ended, we have generated a legacy to the world where the attitudes of ignorance, intolerance, and war are pervasive, and will continue to be so for many further generations. Warfare is enabled by modern technology, the very dark side of which is damage to the entire fabric of future world civilization.

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