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Building a business of politics the rise of political consulting and the transformation of American

PREFACEThe Business of PoliticsThe Control of Political WorkA Brief History of Political WorkPractical Innovation and Political WorkPublicity and the PublicPublicity Old and NewGovernment PublicityPublicity in PoliticsCorporate PublicityPublicity and the Origins of Political ConsultingProfessional PropagandaThe Discovery of PropagandaPropaganda between the WarsEdward Bernays: Public Relations CounselOrigins of a New ProfessionThe New Science of PoliticsThe 1941 New York Mayoral RaceBuilding a New ProfessionThe Art and Science of PoliticsThe Promise and Perils of RadioThe Rise of the Radio ExpertBuilding a Business of PollingOrigins: Market ResearchThe Development of Commercial PollingSocial Science and the Promise of PollingFDR and the Political Use of PollingAn Emergent Profession of Political AdviceA Business Takes ShapeCampaigns, Inc.Whitaker and Baxter at WorkA New Kind of Issue AdvocacyCalifornia: The Great Exception?Constituting InterestsAdvertising PoliticsPolitical Public RelationsUneven DevelopmentTelevising PoliticsThe Rise and Fall of Madison AvenueBusiness and PoliticsThe Consolidation of ControlBuilding a Viable BusinessTechnological Developments and Economic OpportunitiesCampaign Finance and the Business of PoliticsThe Transformation of Political WorkThe Business of Digital PoliticsInnovation, Political Work, and Professional ControlCashing InCorporate ConsolidationThe Future of Political WorkThe Evolution of Political WorkInformation and PersuasionThe Search for an Elusive PublicPolitical Work and American Political InstitutionsThe Politics of BusinessPolitical Consequences of the Profit MotiveImplications for American Democracy

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