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1. The offices of CCP Central Committee and State Council jointly issued the “ Notice on the Related Work during 2015 New Year’s day and Spring Festival,” which banned ten kinds of behaviours: (1) mutual visits, sending gifts, dinner and other activities by using public funds to pay for New Year’s call; (2) using public funds to eat and drink, travel and participate in high cost entertainment and fitness activities; (3) visiting private clubs, training centres for extravagant consuming; (4) purchasing New Year greeting cards, fireworks and other special festival gifts with public funds; (5) using public funds to be involved in non-official activities like receiving or visiting friends and relatives as well as travelling; (6) accumulating wealth on the occasion of weddings or funerals; (7) accepting gifts, cash and a variety of securities, payment vouchers, commercial prepaid cards, electronic envelopes by violating the regulations; (8) participating in various forms of gambling activities; (9) using government cars for private purposes; (10) passing related costs on to the state-owned enterprises or private enterprises.

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