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In Summary

A wide range of options exists for the analysis of written text, and I have made a distinction between perspectives or approaches to written text analysis, such as CDA or semiotic approaches, and the tools they use, such as corpus linguistics or grammar analysis. Locating my own approach in the area of semiotic and multimodal perspectives, I suggested that it offers an alternative to two main perspectives on written texts which are prevalent in the field of semiotics. The first explores written text primarily with regard to its visual properties and its relationship to other modes such as images in multimodal texts. The second is SFG, which gives an account of text at the semiotic level of the code (see Chap. 3). This book intends to explore ways in which small signs (words) are connected to large signs (sets of texts). My interest is in presenting a framework for analysis which provides linguistic evidence of these connections. This conceptualisation can make use of SFG as an analysis tool while exploring ideological implications, including notions of power, without a CDA transformative agenda. Further, it can utilise other analysis resources to investigate such linguistic phenomena as intertextuality, rhetorical tropes, naming choices and discourses. The following section sets out the theory and practice of this analysis framework.

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