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Arts Reviews

The purpose of the arts review genre is to inform the reader about and comment upon particular items of art, fiction and non-fiction literature and so on. This genre does not appear amongst the 2010 texts, and is represented by only one text in 2011, but by 2012 5 of the 31 texts in the data set are of this kind. This is commensurate with the length of time many artworks (in the broadest sense) take to complete, but might also suggest that there is a length of elapsed time deemed appropriate or decent for works of this nature to appear, and also indicates that a process of assimilation may have taken place, that it takes an amount of time for the wider significance of events to be understood and this is necessary for a work of art to have resonance. These texts imply a move of the representation of BP events from being part of the world of “reality” to having an alternative existence in the world of artistic representation. Examples of works referred to in the data are films, books (both fiction and nonfiction) and documentaries.

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