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Britain’s Cold War in Cyprus and Hong Kong: A Conflict of Empires

Britain’s Cold WarHong Kong and CyprusNotesFrom Enemy to Ally to EnemyOrigins and the First Cold War, 1917-1945Britain, Tsarist Russia, and Qing ChinaBritain and the Soviet UnionInterwar Colonial Rule and DevelopmentThe Second World WarThe Labour GovernmentNotes‘A World of Grey Men’: The Rise of the CCP, 1938-1946To Recover Hong Kong?The Trouble with ChinaThe KMT-CCP RivalryReform and LoyaltiesNotesModerate, Irreproachable, and Organized: The Rise of AKEL, 1941-1946The Origins of AKELWoolley and the Politics of ForceAKEL and the Politics of ConsensusLegal Containment, 1946The Proscription Debate and LabourThe 1946 Municipal ElectionsNotesBritish Anti-Communism: From Enemy to Ally to EnemyContainment Through ReformThe Breakdown of Allied Cooperation and the Resumption of the Cold WarBritain and the Soviet UnionLabour’s ‘New Approach’ to ColonialismNotesA Failed New Deal in Hong Kong: From Constitution to Repression, 1946-1949Constitutional Advancement?The CCP in Hong KongThe Deportation of Aliens OrdinanceThe Public Order OrdinanceThe Education OrdinanceThe Illegal Strikes and Lockouts OrdinanceThe Societies OrdinanceThe Special Bureau, Education DepartmentNotesA Failed New Deal in Cyprus: From Constitution to Repression, 1946-1949The ‘New Deal’ for CyprusWlNSTER AND AKELThe Consultative AssemblyPolitical ViolenceThe November DemonstrationsAKEL’s 1949 PurgeCooperation with the Nationalists?Youth and ProscriptionAKEL and the Iron CurtainUS InterestThe 1949 Municipal ElectionsNotesBritish Anti-Communism: Containment Through ReformІІІ Containment Through RepressionThe Decline of the British World SystemLabour’s Last Years, 1949-1951The Cold War EmpireConservative Governments and Empire (1951-1957)NotesHong Kong, the Fall of China and ‘Fax’ Americana, 1949-1952The ‘Berlin of the East’Counter-PropagandaDefence and ImmigrationThe Fall of ChinaThe Expulsion of Undesirables OrdinanceCorporal and Capital PunishmentEducationThe Death of Constitutional ReformNotes‘Too Much or Too Little Repression’: The Fall of AKEL, 1949-1955The 1950 PlebisciteWright’s Strong HandWright and ProscriptionNationalist Youth ViolenceArmitage and AkelEOKA’s Revolt and AKEL’s ProscriptionNotesBritish Anti-Communism: Containment Through RepressionConclusion: Britain, the Empire, and the Cold WarThe Geopolitics of EmpireYouthTrade UnionismPopulation ControlThe Cold War: Imperialisms and IdeologiesNotesBibliography

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