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Tests of academic achievement

These include tests of reading, spelling, and mathematics. In a child with learning difficulties, it will usually be necessary for the psychologist to perform one or more of these tests in addition to the intelligence test.

Academic achievement tests establish the level of a child’s skills in a particular area of learning compared with his peers, and also give important information about the nature of a child’s difficulties in the area tested. These tests will be described in the relevant chapters dealing with difficulties in specific skills (Chapters 5-8).

Tests of other special abilities

There are other tests carried out in children with learning difficulties. These include tests of language (which may be performed by a speech therapist). Language tests will be described in Chapter 9.

There are also tests of motor (movement) proficiency, which may be performed by a psychologist, a doctor, an occupational therapist, or a physiotherapist. These will be described in Chapter 11.

Psychologists also carry out a number of tests to evaluate specific areas of ability that play a role in learning. These include visual perception, auditory discrimination, and sequential organization. These will be explained in later chapters. The interpretation of the results of these tests may give the child’s teacher valuable ideas about ways of helping him.

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