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How parents can help— general principles

  • 6 Key Points
  • ? Parents of a child with specific learning difficulties often feel great anxiety about their child. There is no one right way to cope with these feelings; no single prescription that will work for all parents.
  • ? Parents need to be aware of the special pressures that their other children may face.
  • ? It is a good idea to tell your child about his specific learning difficulty at an early stage.
  • ? It is best to regard yourself, the teachers, and the other professionals (such as a speech therapist) involved in your child’s education as a team.
  • ? There are now a number of organizations that provide support to parents of children with specific learning difficulties.



This chapter provides general guidelines for helping a child with a specific learning difficulty. Advice on providing help in particular areas of learning is given in Part 2 of the book.

Parents of children with specific learning difficulties need information on how to teach their child and how to build up his self-esteem. In addition, they need help in coping with their own feelings and those of their other children. Let us look first at parents’ concerns.

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