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The RCT Subsidiaries


RCT has a strong wider social agenda – encompassing financial, social, and digital inclusion and employment and addressing health inequalities – aimed at building individual and community capacity to improve tenancy and neighborhood sustainability. Some of these aims are planned to be realized through the four RCT subsidiaries.

RCT Homes has major pipeline proposals for development of new homes via its new development subsidiary, Porthcwlis, working with the Cardiff developer, Bellerophon. The proposals are at an early stage of development, and no homes have yet been completed. A new financing and delivery vehicle has been produced, which has secured £1 billion of private sector finance and which, it is hoped, will enable the public sector, housing associations, and private developers to come together to build many affordable homes without the need for capital grant funding from the Welsh government. An initial development of four homes, the first of a pilot for 30 homes at Cwmbach in the Cynon Valley, is now in progress.

Meadow Prospect, RCT's regeneration charity, delivers communityenhancing regeneration projects by working with partner organizations. These support three core objectives:

1. Community capacity building projects, including youth work and supported employment programs

2. Community-based renewable energy projects

3. Social enterprise development

Grow Enterprise Wales (GrEW) is an award-winning social enterprise subsidiary of Meadow Prospect that aims to move local people closer to the workplace by offering work experience and basic life skills training.

Homeforce was set up in 2010 as a subsidiary to carry out annual gas safety checks, which are mandatory under current safety legislation, and gas-based responsive repairs. RCT Homes Group Board agreed in 2012 that Homeforce would expand to become the sole contractor for boiler and heating installations and would undertake half of the electrical improvement works program. Home- force also became the appointed contractor for the completion of the power flushing program, which forms part of the long-term maintenance program of the current stock in RCT Homes' properties.

The Sheltered Housing Remodelling Programme, being achieved within the parent company is a major program for the remodeling of RCT's sheltered housing accommodation for the elderly. This continued in 2012/2013 with the commencement of works in seven schemes. In 2012/2013, £9.2 million was spent, with a total of £12.4 million having been spent since transfer on improving sheltered accommodation. A further two schemes are planned to commence in 2013/2014.

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