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Another behaviour that children may learn in order to cope with failure is cheating. This may occur at school, when work is copied, or at home. First, you should make certain that your child is not being set tasks that are beyond his capabilities. You should also make certain that he is not receiving criticism for his failure. A child should be praised for his effort, even if his work is incorrect.

If teachers spot that a child is cheating they should only mark the portions of the work that they feel the child has done himself and ignore the rest. In this way he learns that he is rewarded only for his own efforts.

It is best if you do not let your child get away with lying or cheating. Whenever he is caught at it, ask him if he understands what he is doing. Explain that you admire his efforts whether he succeeds or fails, but that cheating spoils games and work. Talk to him about this, mentioning that you understand why he wants to cheat, but explaining how much better it is to be honest. Ensure that honesty is praised. In games set him an example of how to lose gracefully.

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