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Megavitamins and mineral therapy

High doses of vitamins and minerals are another treatment suggested for children with specific learning difficulties. This sort of treatment is advocated by those calling themselves orthomolecular physicians (or orthomolecular psychiatrists).

Although there are some rare inborn disorders that respond to certain vitamins, specific learning difficulties are not among them. Trials of high doses of vitamins have not been shown to improve learning. In fact, some vitamins can accumulate in the body and have toxic effects, slowing down the child’s development, and causing ill-health and even death.

Orthomolecular physicians often analyse hair to obtain a ‘profile’ of vitamin and mineral ‘deficiencies’. The levels regarded as abnormal by many of these physicians would usually be considered quite acceptable by other doctors.


Chiropractors use manipulation of the spine as a method of treating disease. This form of treatment has not been shown to help children with specific learning difficulties.

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