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Anne E. Lundquist has had 20 years of increasing administrative responsibilities in higher education, having served as the dean of students at four liberal arts colleges. She received a BA in religious studies from Albion College and an MFA in creative writing from Western Michigan University. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in the Educational Leadership program at Western Michigan University with a concentration in higher education administration, where she works with the vice president of student affairs on student affairs assessment and strategic planning and with the internal auditor and University Strategic Planning Committee on ERM implementation. Her dissertation research study is titled "Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in Colleges and Universities: Administration Processes Regarding the Adoption, Implementation and Integration of ERM." Using her expertise in several areas, she has presented and been the author of articles on risk management, institutional liability, students with psychiatric disabilities, assessment and strategic planning, intercultural competence, and the development and implementation of integrated community standards/restorative justice judicial models. She is the coauthor of The Student Affairs Handbook: Translating Legal Principles into Effective Policies (LRP Publications, 2007). She has had three recent risk management publications in peer-reviewed journals: URMIA Journal (2011, 2012) and New Directions for Higher Education, Special Issue, Disability and Higher Education (with Allan Shackelford, July 2011).

Special thanks to Andrew Faris, Enterprise Risk Management Analyst at the University of Washington, for sharing information about the university's ERM process, answering questions, and providing material for the case study.

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