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Bariatric surgery patients: a nutritional guide

Selling Obesity—Food as a Cheap and Legal DrugFood CravingsFast Foods = Cheap and Legal Drug EffectBig Tobacco Becomes Big FoodEat More-Eat MorePortion DistortionFood FraudsEveryone EatsReferencesPathophysiology of ObesityProcessed Foods = ObesityDetermining Body Fat DepositionComposition of Adipose TissueUnderstanding LeptinGhrelinLeptin and ThyroidTreatment OptionsReferencesOverview of Bariatric SurgeriesTypes of Bariatric SurgeryRoux-en-Y Gastric BypassVertical Sleeve GastrectomyStomach Intestinal Pylorus Sparing SurgeryAdjustable Gastric BandingBenefits of Bariatric SurgeryOther Bariatric Surgery ConsiderationsReferencesNutrition AssessmentAssessmentAnthropometric MeasurementsDiet HistoryMedical HistoryClinical Nutrition ExaminationPsychosocial SupportPhysical ActivityDrug-Nutrient InteractionsDrug-Nutrient Issues Frequently Seen in Bariatric Surgery PatientsNutrition EducationPresurgery Eating GoalsLunch Menu IdeasReferencesSetting Nutrition Goals for Bariatric PatientsCandidates need to prepare for surgery as if their life depends onSetting Carbohydrate Goals for the DietSetting Fat Goals for the DietFiberSetting Protein Goals in the DietProtein on the Nutrition LabelNutritional Quality of ProteinProtein DenaturationBioavailabilityFree Amino Acids versus Protein PowdersQuality of Protein ProductsClinical Issues in Protein NutritionReferencesDietary Supplements— Pre- and PostsurgeryNeed for Dietary SupplementsBioavailabilityPostoperative Nutrition MonitoringFolate (Folic Acid)Vitamin CVitamin DVitamin KSeleniumZincCopperSurveyNutrition Supplement Order FormReferencesPost-op Discharge DietsDiet Stages Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass and Sleeve GastrectomyDiet Stages Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric BandingCarbonated BeveragesDumping SyndromeGERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux DiseaseHypoglycemiaAvoid Fluids with MealsEncourage Eating Slowly and Chewing ThoroughlyMindful EatingGlutenLactose IntoleranceFood SensitivitiesAlcohol ConsumptionCaffeine ConcernsNutritional DeficiencyFood or PillsReferencesMetabolic Concerns and Bariatric SurgeryDyslipidemiaHyperglycemiaNAFLD and Nonalcoholic SteatohepatitisThyroid DisordersPolycystic Ovary SyndromeMTHFR PolymorphismsFood Sources of FolateReferencesPregnancy after Bariatric SurgeryCounseling PointsKey Nutrient Needs during PregnancyReferencesDigestive HealthFood DigestionMicrobiome of the GutMicrobiome HealthObesity and GI DisordersHelicobacter PyloriLow-Inflammation DietSugar and Artificial SweetenersProbioticsBifidobacteria Eubacteria Coliforms E. faecalisKey Functions of Specific Probiotic SpeciesReferencesDetoxificationLab Assessments of DetoxificationNutrition Influence in DetoxificationNutrition during DetoxificationExercise and RestSauna or HydrotherapyImplications for Bariatric Surgery PatientsReferencesLifestyle ChangesEating MindfullyChanging a Nutrition LifestyleRegular Eating HabitsEating Mindfully = Eating SlowlyCooking at HomeUsing Nutrition LabelsFood and SocializingChanging Exercise HabitsSleepWater Balance in the BodyStress and AnxietyPrinciples for Better HealthReferencesFrequently Asked q uestions

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