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Everyone Eats

Since everyone eats, the term “mindful eating” or sustainable food choices is now an approach to change food habits, reduce effectiveness of advertising on food choices, and promote more food preparation instead of grabbing a candy or granola bar. Health-care practitioners need to start recommending bariatric surgery patients to consume simple whole foods and eat “real foods” instead of products with a nutrition label or ingredient statement.

Taparia and Koch describe the changes in food company formulations that are occurring as a result of consumer demand for removal of artificial colors and flavors, antibiotics in chicken, and emulsifiers like polyglycerol polyricinoleate in chocolate [22]. The food movement has been changing the food industry; soda sales have declined 25% since 1998 and orange juice sales have declined 45% since the juice became viewed as a source of free sugar stripped of natural fibers instead of as a healthy breakfast drink. The center aisles of the supermarket are still loaded with highly processed, high-sugar or high-fat food choices consumers need to reject.

Empowering individuals with the science of healing and well-being can do wonders pre- and postbariatric surgery. The alliance and collaboration among members of the health-care team is imperative to change food habits. Cheap food can be addictive and needs to become a controlled substance in the diet of bariatric surgery patients.

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